Based on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia,  I am a nature photographer, as broad a term as that is.

Observing animals and the world around me is a lifestyle. I love to learn about how animals and plants live, and how they interact with everything around them – including humans. From that interest stemmed an interest in photography, which developed into a strong passion to create photographs that give us an insight into not only the life around us, but also of the patterns of the landscape too. I strive to make images that that reflect who I am and the inspiration and wonder that I feel for the natural world.

I photograph everything that inspires me – from tiny insects to birds, from plants to the land upon which they grow. The challenge is to make a photograph that makes people feel something, to engage in an experience as I did whilst photographing. I do not go to “exotic” locations to photograph, or search for the rarest of creatures. For me, the greatest challenge is making a powerful image, regardless of how common or rare something is, or of broader social perceptions toward it. I spend much of my photography time making photographs of creatures we can see regularly, but ignore, like the invertebrates. It’s a big world out there, of endless beauty, constant surprises, and genuine awe. I hope my photographs help you to appreciate all that surrounds us, and perhaps inspires you to have a closer look at the world around you!



2017: Australian Photography Awards, Wildlife Category, 2 photos shortlisted in Top 75.

2017: Australasian Bird Fair and Wildlife Expo, 2 photos Finalist in Urban Birds category.

2016: Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year. Finalist in 3 categories: Animal Portrait, Animal Behaviour, and Botanical

2015: Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year. Finalist in Botanical category

2013: Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year. Runner up in Our Impact category

2012: Ecological Society of Australia photography competition: People’s Choice Award in Under Southern Skies category.

2011: ANZANG (Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica and New Guinea) Nature Photography Competition: Winner of Portfolio Prize, Runner up in Our Impact Category, Finalist in Animal Behaviour, Animal Portrait, Botanical, and Interpretive categories.